Thursday, May 3, 2012

More WIP!

So my goal for these guys are to capture the look of the Jaffa from Stargate while still holding true to Necrons. These Troops will be used as my Immortals/ Necron Warriors. This is the First God being represented in this Project as I present Sobek.

Here is Horus.



Mixture of them.

There is my DHD or Dial Home Device used on the television show Stargate.


Closer View of Stargate.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Pics of Works in Progress

So this guy has changed a bit. Talked to a good friend Magnus and he though that the green on the warsycthe mixed in the Command Barge so after his suggestions I switched up the War sycthe to match Telsa weaponry on the A-Barge.

Why Necrons?

I have always loved Necrons and now with there slick redo or muligan they are so much cooler. One of the first things I look for in a codex is if there is something in every part of the Force Org that I like Necrons are pretty Leggit acroos the table. I will be posting more information on list that I have been working on soon.

The other part of this as following from one of the previous threads is that I wanted an army to convert the basic troops on to make a different experince for my oppenents in game. What better way to do this then Convert all the troops into Jaffa from star gate seeing the Eye of Ra on the blog now is probably starting to make some sense. There will be a huge project log that I will start once I get all the pieces that I have ordered in, but it will be pretty epic that I can Promise!

Enter the Necrons

A little Back history of me

So after the last couple years of 40k this will pretty much sum up what I have been playing and where I think I will be taking my 40k experience in future.

With this being said I pretty much have shelved my Orks. I love the Green tide, and there is nothing more entertaining then putting Thrakka on the table and Snikrot, but after roughly 200 games with them in a year and half period of time I thought it would be good to take a break from them.

During this period of the Orks being shelved I decided to migrate back to Marines. I went for Blood Angels this is the second time playing them, my first being 14 years prior. I painted them up ran roughly 50 games with them and they were rather boring. I think that is because 60 percent of the population of 40k is marines...Well I do not believe that is quite accurate I should say 40 percent of the population is Grey Knights, and the other 20 Percent is split into the remaining chapters. I can tell you first hand that there is nothing more "exciting" then playing boxed marines vs boxed marines. So I decided this was not a army that I would shelf and I sold it off for a marginal profit.

All of this army went into my next project The Dark Eldar. This is probably one of the most entertaining armies that I have ever owned. Paper planes, paper troops but its alpha strike is like hitting someone with a hammer. My problem with this army is that you can make some softer list but they don't seem competitive in casual play and get smashed. On the other hand your Hard list are absolute bullshit. The last tournament I Took my DE to I went 3-0. 2 of these games did not last more then 45 minutes a piece with them both of those wins being tabling the other opponent.

So the Dark Eldar are defiantly my Tournament army for now, but I wanted something a little more casual that I could play at the local clubhouse with, and an army I could do a neat conversion for. Enter the Necrons...